Chef Mickey’s Breakfast Review

Recommended:  No.

To cut to the chase, I didn’t think very highly of Chef Mickey’s at all.  A lot of people recommended it to me, so I worked it into our schedule, but I was not at all impressed with the venue, the service, or the food.  In fact, this is one of those times where I’d say McDonald’s is a better option for breakfast.  But, getting to go inside the Contemporary Resort (one of the monorail resorts) was nice, so at least there’s that benefit!

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Chef Mickey’s is a character meal and a buffet.  Please try to be mindful of where the characters are at all times, because if you get up at the wrong time, you will miss one of them and have to wait an hour for them to come back around to your section.

To go over the characters first, there were five total that you could meet:

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and Chef Mickey himself.
cm4 copy

The costumes are really cute, but it’s not really a huge selling point to me.  If they signed the autograph books as Chef Mickey, Matradee Donald, etc, I would be more impressed, because then my kids would be collecting exclusive signatures, but, alas, they are identical to the signatures anywhere else in the park.  I also think they could have done a lot more with Minnie’s costume.  Give her at least a cutesy diner outfit if she’s going to play a waitress.

Not only are these characters very easy to find in basically any part of the Disney Parks, but when they come to your table, they made me feel very rushed.  Each character spent two minutes or less with us.  It was basically a wave, a huge for whoever wanted one, a photo, and a wave goodbye.  Then they hurried off to check the next table off their list.

I also would have liked to see at least one or two exclusive characters in there – something to give you an incentive to meet these characters as a meal.  As it stands now, they are all over Disney World, and usually the wait time is not that bad.  Would a Pete, Clarabelle, or Dr. Von Drake been too much to ask for? They aren’t so popular or recognized, I know, but one of the five could have been a unique character.

To the plus column, the characters were back-to-back, so we only had to stay at the table for about 10 minutes to check them all off our list.

On to the food, it was pretty terrible.  Other than the pancakes, which were being made in front of you at the buffet, all of the food was stone cold, whether it was supposed to be or not.  The bacon tasted like it had been wrapped in ice – and I saw people constantly changing out the trays, so I don’t believe it was sitting out for a long time.  Either the warmers were broken, or the cooks were really bad at getting their food out in a timely manner.  Either way, I believe that hot meals should be hot, not frozen.

Disney also has this belief that everyone wants to eat nasty, runny eggs that aren’t fully cooked.  I know some people love their eggs like that, but myself and many other people do not want to eat liquid chickens.  But it saves precious minutes of cooking time per batch of eggs, so that’s what we get…

There was a decent variety of items on the buffet, but breakfast food is all very, very cheap stuff in general, so, for the prices they charge, I expect it to at least be good.  I mean, have the cooks use some flavors and spices instead of serving bland, cold food.  The fruit was even tasteless, so there were no real redeeming qualities about this buffet.  Judging by the menu, lunch and dinner may be a much better meal, but I was not happy with breakfast by any stretch of the imagination.

Star Wars Weekends Exclusive Merchandise

I wanted to share a few items from the Star Wars Weekends exclusive merchandise that I saw at Disney World.  It’s too late to get most of it now, but you may find some things online or in Disney Store outlets in a few months if anything was in major overstock.  I haven’t really paid that close attention before, so I’m not sure where things could end up.


First up, the Passholder Exclusives (things you can only buy after showing proof of owning an Disney World Annual Pass):

image image
These coins are silver and gold plated.  The silver coins are limited to 2014 pieces, and the gold ones, which appeared during the final week of Star Wars Weekends, are limited to 3000.  Both coins have the same image of Mickey in an X-Wing suit, and R2-D2 with Mickey Ears on.
The Passholder Shirt.  It’s a brown mono-toned images of the 2014 Star Wars Weekends logo.  They also offered these in full color, without the Passholder remark, and there is an app you can download to make the shirt move on your smartphone.  I hate to say it, but I think I liked the color, non-passholder shirt more, but I knew these were more limited, and I’m all about my special edition swag.

Star Tours name tags were my favorite Passholder exclusive.  They apparently make these every year, but they change up the color scheme.  This year the Passholders could order dark blue badges with orange accents, whereas the non-Passholders could get flashier orange badges (so YES you can still get these if you are not a Passholder, just in different colors).  They write your name in the intergalactic alphabet, which you can notice all over the Star Tours ride, and you may pick a job title or planet that you are from.  What I like best about these is that they say Star Tours on them, so it’s as if they’re official employee name tags in the Star Wars universe.

There were also Passholder exclusive pins or pin, but they were all gone by the 2nd week of Star Wars Weekends, so we missed out there.


Merchandise any Darth’s Mall guest could purchase:

Limited Edition pins that were so heavy they required two backers.  I didn’t purchase all of the pins available, but these town caught my eye.  I did not see any notation for what these sets are limited to.

Disney Star Wars towel was a last minute must for me.  They seemed to appear at the 5th and final Star Wars Weekend, and I had to snatch it up.  I’m glad that I waited to finish my Star Wars Darth’s Mall shopping or else I would have missed a number of last minute adds (mostly Star Wars Rebels goods).

The best iPhone case in the world!  I grew up on Goof Troop, and Max is a character rarely seen or remembered these days – especially the younger Max (not the 19 year old Max from the movies).  I have a lowly iPhone 4, but if I had an iPhone 5, I would have shelled out the big bucks to bring this baby home with me.

Princess Leia and Queen Amidala girly playset.  How often do you see Star Wars anything geared completely at girls?  My daughter loved this, it came with a figure of both characters, two outfit changes for each one, two extra heads for each, and some little extras like R2-D2 and Wicket.  I’m not sure that I love the idea of ripping off the figures heads to change their hairstyle (action figure enthusiasts will tell you that these pull apart, plastic toys will eventually warp and heads won’t stay on) I’m impressed at how well my daughter had taken care of this set.

There were some other items I believe were exclusives, like Disney characters dressed at Star Wars characters in the form of action figures and mutated Cars characters.  Other items, like the make-your-own-light saber kiosk were present, but that item, and many others, are available year-round at the shop near the Star Tours ride.