Princess Run Half Marathon – Kids Races Review

Back in February we participated in our 3rd, and possibly final, runDisney race.  My kids signed up for the Princes Run’s Kid Races, and they had a great time.

Not surprisingly, the race featured a Frozen theme for the 5k and Kids Races.  I expected that to happen, but, had I know that Anna and Elsa would have been on the 5K medals, I think I would have signed them up to run that over the Kids Runs.


This is what the Kids Races medal looked like, and it’s cute, but Olaf is so cheesy to me.  I would have liked it better if the PRINCESS races had princess medals, not goofy sidekick medals.  But it’s still cute, and you can’t really plan ahead for these things, so…


You have to go to ESPN to pick up your packet, which includes race info, shirt, bib, and ears, if you ordered them.  There’s usually an expo nearby selling all sorts of race goodies.  Unfortunately, I had my eye on a Dooney and Burke Princess Run bag, but every single one of them had sold out the day before we ever got to Orlando.  That didn’t seem to be an issue at the Marathon in January, but I guess those Princesses fly off the shelves!

There is also a meet and greet opportunity near the packet pickup where you can meet Cinderella and a specially dressed Minnie.  Because they were unannounced and at ESPN, it only took 20 minutes to get through both lines (yay!).

cm19 copy

cm18 copy

On the day of the race I entered a Starlord (whom everyone swore was Captain Hook – come on guys, Guardians of the Galaxy should still be fresh in your minds!) into the Mickey Mile,


and a Coronation Anna in the 800 meter.


As with previous races, the bibs come with a tear away tab for the parents.  You need to save this so that you can safely claim your child after the race.  They have security keeping the kids in the finisher corrals so that they don’t disappear or get abducted, and people who are not running cannot enter the starting corrals, so your kids are more than reasonably safe during their time away from you.

However, unlike the other two races we participated in, this one took place in the EPCOT parking lot instead of the ESPN Wide World of Sports.  I’m not really sure why they chose to do this, but I think I prefer the ESPN run area.  The EPCOT location was convenient for going to EPCOT after the race, but 1/4 of the parking lot was sectioned off for the event – just seems kind of odd to me overall.  Because of the way it was all set up, you really couldn’t see any vendors or giveaway booths until you were leaving the races.  Which, by the time the races were finishing up, the booths were all packing up, so that kind of killed part of the fun of the event.  I’m not sure who does the planning for these things, but when several hundred runners are still going through, you’d think vendors might stick around just a while longer.

They did keep the finisher photo zones in tact, though they were not well placed with the ever-rising sun.  Here’s a Starlord with his banana gun:


Now, for those of you who are unaware, you CAN run with your children without having to buy an entry.  It’s a KIDS race, so you aren’t officially entered and you don’t earn medals or get shirts, but Disney respects that parents may want to run with/stay near their children.  In my case, I know I couldn’t keep up, so I send my oldest to run with my youngest.


And, as always, anyone who finished the race earns their medal, which is a very colorful, rubber material.


They also have the Marathon Foto people at these events.  The unfortunate part is that the photos are not complimentary and not part of your Memory Maker package.  They are actually quite expensive, as photos go, but you can still proof your images and decide for yourself if any are worth buying.  My memory may be fuzzy, but I believe they are $15 per digital image, or $80 for all images (per runner number).


Overall, it was a cute event, but I hope to have the kids move up to 5Ks for the next time we runDisney.  My camera seems to have eaten my photos of the shirt and ears for the event, but if I find them I will edit this to post them later.  🙂

Tower of Terror Kids Races (2014)

Well, whoops, I totally spaced out and never blogged about the Tower of Terror Kids Races that we did back in October of last year!

It’s definitely a process to do a Run Disney race.  First, you sign up for a race via, then you have to make sure that you get a “custom” waiver and print it out, because they apparently cannot get you one at the event.  Once you get to Disney World, you have to go to ESPN Wide World of Sports and find the event registration area.  Twist, turn, wait in line, sign in blood (not really but it feels like it’s THAT serious), and then finally get your shirts, race bib, and other tidbits you may have ordered.  Maybe I’m crazy, but it would be so much less stress and hassle to mail or email out the race bibs and pick up the shirts and other items on site.  But, that’s not the system, so please show up the day before the race and give yourself tons of time to get through (or even find!) the right lines.

They also have an expo for the event, which has lots of neat-o venders and even the occasional freebie.  We found free cinch bags that had the Tower of Terror run logo on them, along with another advertisement logo.  And, if you’re lucky, you may even get your hands on an exclusive Dooney and Burke purse themed for the run.  I was not so lucky, but maybe for the Princess Run in February! 🙂

My daughter wore her Rapunzel run costume, which I don’t think turned out the best in the long run.  I couldn’t match the purple tutu to the shade of purple in the shirt/shorts, and part of her corset ribbon broke.  But I hope it was still obvious as to who she was.  She did still have some of the makeup on her face from the Pirate League the day before, so I’m sure that sent a conflicting message about being Rapunzel.  Oh well, she enjoyed herself!


My son just threw on a Luke Skywalker Halloween Costume and paired it with some tan shorts.  Much easier, but, I’m not sure that he was any more recognizable.  I had bought him an R2-D2 backpack to wear with it, just to ensure the reference, but he “forgot” it at the hotel. :-/


There were quite a number of activities around the kids’ race zone, including a mini obstacle course and a station where the kids could use stamp pads and diced fruits to put designs on a chef’s hat.  There was also Mickey out and dressed as a scarecrow for a little while, but, unfortunately, he high-tailed it out of there right after the races concluded (that was bad planning in my opinion, as we tried to wait to get a photo until after the run…).


We did still get a picture with the Scarecrow Mickey’s backdrop.

We personally took part in the kids races.  My daughter did a dash (I can’t remember now if it was 200 or 400) and my son ran the Mickey Mile.  Actually, everyone ended up doing the dash with my daughter.  Even though we were in a confined area, parents and siblings were still invited to run with their little ones.  At first I thought I’d skip running with my 6-year-old, but then I felt the peer pressure of being the only parent NOT running.  Being unprepared for racing myself, I was holding a thick Jedi robe, a purse, wearing jeans – well, you get the idea – I was NOT in running attire.

The set up for the kids races was kind of stressful to me.  Every race started somewhere different, and the kids were thrown to the back end of the ESPN Wide World of Sports.  So just getting to the right place took a lot more time than I had anticipated.  Then, the dashes and the Mickey Mile started one after the other, but the Mickey Mile was another quarter to half mile away from where the dashes were.  But then the Mickey Mile ended right where the dashes were held, so I had to drop off my son and run back to the dash venue.  It was super stressful to get across these distances with such a limited amount of time, and I wish the planning staff had done a better job to consider that families might have kids of different ages doing different races (*gasp!*).

The kids races have a clock going, but they also do staggered running (sorry, that’s probably a bad term, but where they release x amount of runners at a time instead of everyone taking off at once).  And, despite my panicked running like a crazy person, my son ended up being in the first group of runners released for the Mickey Mile, and clocked in at 8 minutes 6 seconds for a terrain run that was a LOT of mud.  Pretty good overall! 🙂

Of course, you all want to see medal that every race finisher gets!
The medals are rubber, and the lanyard around them says the race and date.  The medals are different between the kids races, 5K, 10K, and so on, so that’s makes them extra unique.

We also ordered the commemorative Mickey ears for the event, which are black with the Kids Races medal image as the logo on the hat.  The shirts were cute too, and Donald Duck themed as well.  I will add in a photo eventually, but I seem to be having trouble tracking it down right now.

Take note, they DO have photographers on staff for the races, but they are NOT the same as the Fast Pass photographers!  You have to view and purchase the images online, but the service is run by an independent contractor and is not part of your Memory Maker.  I did not care for that end of it, but it is what it is.

Run Disney Costumes (In Progress)

So, the other night I’m getting all geeked out about participating in some Run Disney events.  We’ve done a number of 5k runs, like Zombie Runs, Superhero Runs, Color Runs, etc, and even though I’m kind of a jiggly gal, I enjoy being a part of it and crossing the finish line – even if it’s not as quickly as others (I can do 30 minutes or less easily enough with my youngest on foot with me).

I’m also nutty about costumes, and even more anal retentive about not ruining the nice, expensive ones we own.  That being said, I’ve been making my daughter some cheap-o costumes for our upcoming Run Disney events (my son’s costuming will be next, although it’s harder to plan for boys when they start getting older and more worried about looking cool).

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

rundisney2 rundisney3
Rapunzel:  Shirt and Shorts were $3.xx each at Wal-Mart.  Then I went to the craft section and got $1 pink ribbon and $1 gold ribbon to make the corset detail.  A $1 elastic band and about $3 in “meshy” fabric (I can never remember the proper name for tutu fabric).  I still need some more fabric to finish the skirt, and hopefully I’ll find something that matches the shirt’s purple a lot better to mix in there – if not, I’ll aim for some hot pink to compensate for Rapunzel’s pink stripes on her sleeves that we don’t have.  Or we might dump the tutu and just use the run shorts, not sure yet.


Coronation Anna:  Black shirt and bright green shorts $3.xx at Wal-Mart.  Gold, dark sparkly green, and light green “meshy” frabric, plus $1 elastic band, to put together the tutu.  Held back some dark sparkly green fabric to make the sleeves.  Hope to finish with fabric paint to make the dress top detailing, and make a lightweight necklace for this too.


rundisney1 rundisney6 rundisney7
Elsa:  $3.xx light blue spaghetti strapped shirt and shorts from Wal-Mart.  $1 elastic band, and meshy fabric that was a glittery blue and a light, ice looking blue to make the tutu.  I held back some glittery blue fabric to put on the front of the top, and used a quarter yard of a more elaborately designed blue fabric to use as the cape.  If she uses this in a Winter run, I think I’ll pair it up with a white, long sleeved shirt.


So, this is what I have so far.  I hope you enjoy it or it inspires you to make something neat yourself.  I’ll probably put up more photos when I get all the details finished up and/or at race day, but these are my cheap, simple, fun Run Disney costume creations!

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend January Run

In case you’ve never heard, you can register for races at Disney Parks.  I’ve not been, but I just registered my two kids in the January 2015 kid’s race.  The registration just opened today at 12pm EST, but most of the three day events were sold out within 5 hours.

So, I’ll post photos and updates as I get them, but if you have any experience to share, please leave it in the comments. 🙂